Springs of Life has been a lifesaver for my personal training company. Nancy provides the highest quality products and understands the circumstances and situations our clients present. Springs of Life has helped our clients deal with joint pain, diet modification and they provide organic foods that our clients need to pursue their health and fitness goals. I have personally experienced the benefits of Nancy's knowledge and recommend her services to anyone interested in natural and holistic health food choices. Jared Meacham
On January 25, 2002 my sister Carolyn was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was so large that the doctors immediately put her into the hospital and gave her intravenous steroids. They were seeking to decrease some of the swelling in order to prevent her from having brain damage and/or a stroke. Carolyn is 65 years old and lives in California. The day that she was diagnosed, I was flying there from Louisiana for our annual get-together. I subsequently extended my stay to help and encourage her.

A biopsy was done and it was malignant - lymphoma. The doctors told her that of all the kinds of cancer this was the least bad to have, that they would do six months of chemotherapy and then maybe some radiation. There was a 40% chance of going into remission. The tumor was too deep to operate.

Carolyn wanted to do it all. She chose the chemotherapy treatments, but also told me to "tell me what to do and I'll do it". She showed the doctors the regimen that I recommended and they approved it. I put her on quite an intensive program. She was taking something every hour on the hour -whole food supplements, mostly raw foods and lots of water. Her colon started cleansing right away.

The doctors were amazed at her response to the treatments. Six weeks into the program they said, with confidence," When we do the MRI in two weeks, we know the tumor will be gone".

Sure enough in two weeks the MRI showed it totally gone. Their comment then was, "We know that you are doing other things and we suggest that you keep doing those other things". The chemotherapy was discontinued after only four weeks!

In just eight weeks a massive tumor deep in the brain was gone with enzymes, bacteria, protein powder, green juice and ground flax powder.
Nancy Fitzmorris
Just writing to let you know about my son Jacob's first 24 hours on the "Shake" using AIM's supplements. Jacob is a bright, outgoing, loving, and above all, active 6 year old. After a frustrating kindergarten year, which included calls and notes from his teacher about his "daydreaming" and inability to complete his schoolwork, I had him tested. This past July, he was diagnosed with ADHD, Inattentive Type, as well as dyslexia.

Neither his pediatrician nor I wanted to put him on "medication" at this time so I sought other alternatives. After hearing a radio commercial, I attended the ADD seminar on Thursday in Covington. Friday, I bought the ingredients for the "shake" and started Jacob on it that afternoon.

On waking the next morning, he wanted another, then another... after which, he found the "candy" I had hidden, unsuccessfully. I have to admit that I was curious to see what would happen if he ate it. He had been calm, focused, and agreeable all morning. He ate one small candy bar and to put it politely, "the dragon" emerged! - all cranky, fire breathing 50 pounds of him!

Well, out came the blender, the Rice Dream, the green stuff (Barley Life) - extra this time, and all the other ingredients and in less then 10 minutes, Mr. Agreeable was back! I sat there amazed and watched as his facial expressions changed back t the calm child he had been all morning. He had two more shakes before he went to bed that night. It seems he's craving the nutrients the shakes provide.

The battle is far from over but at least we've found a weapon to use. In order to avoid any "power" struggles I've let Jacob take part in the decision to eat a certain food or not as I slowly remove them from sight. I feel that when he's out of the house at a friends or at school it'll be up to him to make the right choices. He doesn't always choose the right food but he's learning - and I'm getting pretty quick at putting those "shakes" together.

P.S. Update: His grades improved with D's to C's and B's to A's and on the Honor Roll. Now he is able to ride a bike. He could not before because of coordination problems.
Sherry Lutz