Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin

We all want beautiful skin. It’s so easy to have beautiful skin if you know what to do and what to apply to your skin. First of all you need to understand that what you are putting into your body will affect your skin. But even if you just drink more water and apply the follow technique you will come up with radiant skin.

Morning and night wash your face with “Age renewal moisturizing cream.” Apply age renewal to face, neck and chest, leave on for a few minutes, brush your teeth and floss while you are waiting. Now you are ready to wash your face with a warm to hot washcloth. Feel how wonderful it feels when you are finished. You can repeat this process at first if you would like, but it is not necessary to get results.

Now apply “So Simple” to your face, neck and chest. You have completed your simple but wonderful face renewal. You can now apply your makeup. But as time goes on you will find you do not need as much foundation makeup, possibly now at all.


Try our moisturizing products for a beautiful complexion.. 

“So Simple” – $25.00, “Age Renewal Moisturizing Cream” – $13.05,  A complete packet of age renewal, which includes both products – $34.00


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